Affirmations & Meditations

1. A new day!

A new day!
Spreading its wings ahead of me
And with it, arrives so gently
and so peacefully
the promise of a beautiful day

And I shall rest
in this new day
with the knowledge
that all shall be well
And that all shall unfold
just as it is meant to

There is nothing to do
There is nothing to be
Just being
and allowing the day to be
just as it is meant to be

And at the end of the day
I shall look back on it and smile
With much love
and happiness
and gratitude
for all it has brought to my door
today and every other day to come

© Dances with the Divine


2. For a moment!

For a moment
Just for a moment
I shall go into the quiet

And in the quiet
and in the moment
I shall place my thoughts
in the palms of my hands

And then gently
and only very gently
move my mind
into the here and now

Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
Just being in the stillness
Letting go
of everything completely

And I shall remain here
for a while
just to enjoy the moment

And when I am ready
I shall find my way back
Being present
Being refreshed
And ready for the day ahead

Just as I would
a brand new day!

© Dances with the Divine


3. Today. Just for today!

Today. Just for today
I shall be gentle upon myself

And I shall allow myself to breathe
the sweet breath of love
upon myself and upon my being
And in so doing
I shall be at one again
At one with myself
and at one, with all of life

Staying present
Staying peaceful
And in the spirit of all that is
I shall be at one again
Ready to begin life anew
in the freshness of the now
Whilst allowing
everything to be
just as it is

Just as it is
And in the now.

© Dances with the Divine


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