Psychotherapy / Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling Puzzle Pieces(Psycho = Psyche = Soul) (Therapy = Healing)

Psychotherapy is a word, often used interchangeably used with counselling. Psychotherapy as a formal practice began in the 1800’s and was developed to assist individuals in overcoming challenging issues or behaviours. It has its underpinnings in the practices of a range of scholars, but its fore-runners were Freud and Jung.

A Psychotherapist is there to listen to you without judgement. They are also there to assist you in overcoming your issues and to help you understand more about yourself. Issues may be of an emotional or psychological nature or even somewhere in-between. There are many psychotherapeutic approaches to dealing with issues, but a good psychotherapist will be able to guide you in the best way that you should go regarding treatment. A good psychotherapist will have a range of therapeutic skills and as such able to assist you in finding your way.

However, choosing a therapist that you feel comfortable with is an important aspect of choosing a therapist, as research has shown that irrespective of the approach, this is most important to the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. When choosing a therapist, feel around for someone you feel you can relate to. Someone who you feel a connection with and most importantly, someone who has the necessary qualifications and experience for the role they are about to take up in your life.

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