EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

EMDR EyeEMDR is a therapeutic tool used in psychotherapy and was developed by Fracine Shapiro in 1989. It is used by many psychotherapists, to assist their clients in overcoming trauma. EMDR was initially trialled on anxiety related conditions, before it was extended to include major traumas. It is said to work as a result of targeting unprocessed memories that contain negative emotions, sensations and beliefs.

Francine Shapiro, discovered this technique whilst taking a walk in the park one day in 1987. She noticed that her eye movements, had somehow had an effect on the issues she was experiencing. With this discovery, she set out to try it out on her patients. She had resounding success with it and hence its use today.

The aim of EMDR is to process distressing memories and in so doing, reducing their long lasting effects and allowing the person to develop more adaptive coping mechanisms.

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