Hypnotherapy thoughtsHypnotherapy is made up of the combination of two words; ‘Hypnos’ and ‘Therapy’. Hypnos is a word which is used to denote ‘sleep’, and ‘Therapy’, to denote ‘healing’. Hypnos arises from the personification of sleep in Greek mythology. Therapy comes from Modern Latin ‘therapia’, or from Greek therapeia. It generally means to cure or to heal.

Nevertheless, Hypnosis is state in which you are completely relaxed and at ease with yourself. In this state, you may feel as if you are in a day-dream, or as if you are drifting off to sleep but not quite sleeping. It is a pleasant state to be in and although sleep is the word used to explain hypnosis, it does not mean that a hypnotic subject literarily falls asleep, though they might from time to time. In hypnosis, subjects go into a daydream state. A familiar state, which we usually experience when watching a move, for example. It is a state, in which the mind is alert and also at rest at the same time.

Once in this state, helpful suggestions are then given, which will by-pass the conscious mind. This way, the hypnotic subject is enabled to attain their goals or overcome their issues or stumbling blocks.

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