NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming

NLP positive thinkingNeuro-Linguistic Programming, commonly known as NLP, has become widely known and is now applied as one of the psychotherapeutic tools in the therapeutic practice. Its main basis is to bring about effective change in behaviours and is often used in organisational settings. This is especially so, as the root cause of the problem addressed is often bypassed.

NLP was designed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid-1970s and is often referred to as the manual for the brain. NLP has become widespread, both in its applications and its uses. NLP enables us to discover how and why we act in certain ways and works out a mode for changing the patterns of behaviour which no longer serve a useful purpose in our lives.

It is important to know, that NLP gained its understanding from a range of therapies.


These include Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt psychology, Family therapy, Hypnotherapy, Linguistics, Information theory, and Anthropology, amongst many other disciplines. Nevertheless, it was modelled on the work of Virginia Satir, a renowned family therapist, and Milton Erickson, a renowned psychiatrist, and hypnotherapist.

NLP is often said to place human beings in control of their lives rather than at its mercy. It must be noted, however, that NLP is not a panacea.

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