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Hypnotherapy thoughts

Bearing in mind, that there is a range of therapies available today, and that every patient is unique, my therapy is customized to suit each client and their needs. In most cases, this may mean approaching and dealing with issues that a client may present from multiple standpoints. This may therefore involve applying a combination of therapies, rather than restricting it to a particular one. In many ways, this relieves the patient, especially at the initial stages, from the burden of having to make a choice amongst an array of therapies. This is especially so if they are not yet familiar with the different therapies on offer.

Yet, as I am open to different ways of working – in instances where there is a clear indication of the form of therapy required, I will act accordingly. I work both with individuals and groups and take on clients through self or third-party referrals. I also work on behalf of organizations and can manage a large client base, if required.

I have been trained in a number of approaches to therapy and offer therapy over the telephone, by video, and in person. To book an appointment with me, please call or email. For my contact details, please click here!

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