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IMG_0990In life, we sometimes come across challenging times – times, when things are not just going our way and we don’t know what to do. What we do, usually depends on who we are and the options we have available. For some, this may be burying their heads in the sand and hoping it will just pass – which it sometimes does. Some, may try to sort it out themselves. For some, this may be consulting a friend or a family member, though not everyone has this luxury.

But then, sometimes, these friends or family can’t help either, not because they don’t want to, but because they also don’t know what to say or do. In such cases, you are left confused and often do not know what to do again. It is in such instances, that life-guidance can be of assistance.

Life-guidance, helps by providing the platform to discuss your issues with a professional – someone who can truly listen and whose job it is to listen. Someone who understands and can help you make sense of where you are and also help you chart a way forward. Over the years, I have assisted many people, in doing just this. This is how I work.


How I work:

IMG_0989At a life-guidance session, I am completely present and open, so I can truly hear you.

I listen to you and I tune into you. Then, with my intuitive mind, I assist you in finding the best way forward. I also help in guiding your steps forward, if that becomes a necessity.

I am heart-centred in my approach. This means that I work from the heart, which is a place that reflects unconditional love. I start each session by going into the quiet. This is to ask the universe, to reveal to us, what we need to know during the session. I then tune into you, have a sense of you and your issues and the options available to you, then gently guide you in opening up to the way(s) forward.

Each session with me, lasts between 50 to 60 minutes.



Though life-guidance gives you a way of moving forward with your issues, it is not something that I would advise that you indulge in all the time. It is important that you are not always reliant on it. If you wish, other ways of navigating your life can be shared with you upon request.

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